What is something you are afraid of?


All of which molded, shaped and formed who you are. These feelings of despair, embrace them for they are an inspiration. Ultimately your motivation to success


The winter has passed

The snow no longer falls

I awake to a sunshine

A glimpse of light

Before covered by your envy

The gray clouds roll in

They surround you

The shine is now gloom

And your shoulders heavy with ice

Unhealthy Criticism

Ice Cold

The last breath


She looked so beautiful

Lying there

Brown and pink coverings

A red and white bow gracefully placed on her head

Transparent tubes and machines

All surrounding her

Decisions to make regarding a life

A life just given yet disintegrating

Today she will take her last breath

The star in her eyes

Ever wonder what life would be like if stars didn’t exist? Would the moon still shine as pretty as it does. Would the sun stop hiding at night?

What if stars could travel, light years, teleportation, could we be reincarnated stars? Creating our own destinies by plucking from the sky….

Our world idolizes stars. We create, manifest and praise them. They alter our perceptions of ourselves, feeling the need to over compensate.

But you are a star┬áin my eyes….shine away!

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why the controversy?

A few days ago while watching the news, I saw a picture of a woman breastfeeding. Not only was she feeding her child (in the most natural way possible) she was also wearing a fireman uniform. Confused yet? The uniform belonges to her husband but it was art nonetheless. The woman was not exposed and her face was towards her infant….

Now I can image why some, rather a few people my have a negative connotation about this but to consider suspending the new father without pay! What are they really trying to say here? That it is wrong to commit to a new life while supporting and honoring one that could be taken any moment.

I have an opinion about this photo. What is yours? Please share, all comments welcome.