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You ever get the feeling….the one that is so adamant yet you have no idea what it is?  I am the queen of such thoughts! In theory, I am wise. But what does it mean if my most common, indecisive moments overwhelm me? And by overwhelm I mean you don’t know what the hell to do!

That feeling!

Have you ever made a decision that wasn’t concrete but was too late to take back? Though these decisions may have come with regret, they have also taught lessons.

And lessons are great but I want to be the smart girl! The one who can persuade an audience to dance and crowd to be silent. More than ideal. Intuition it from your gut and instinct is primal, my fault lies in between the two. I am intertwining reality with the perceptive of my desire. If time wasn’t so bias I could make mistakes and relive them over and over again. But without immortally I am stuck with my moral and vain values. Some they may not benefit me but ones I must still own up to.

The temptation of right, wrong, the beautiful and the ugly…..but our choice. In the eye of the beholder they say.

In other words:

In the will of the participant.

In the hands of the incompetent.  

In the power of the unknowing. 

All these are my idea of decision making.

1. It is a power we have…..even when we don’t want it.

2. Most often with don’t know what to do

3. And we are participants not at our own will. It is up to you to determine the amount of power in the decisions you make in your life.

I would often shove most responsibilities I could on someone else but my lesson could not be avoided. Growth is mandatory in a world that shows no favoritism.

Just my inkling



Life is a story, tell it

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